Mobile archive rack “MOBIBASIC”

Project Description

Interactive 3D model of mobile archive shelving is designed to illustrate our client’s mobile metal rack model “MOBIBASIC”. 3D display allows visitors to learn about the most significant features of the product:

– configuration of the rack is modular, the modules are mounted on rails and are moved by turning the wheel,
– a way to manipulate the rack,
– insight into the usage of space, where it could be installed (used).

Visitors can transport next-in-line section (module) by clicking on its wheel or front panel. The first-in-line section is the farthest one.

Camera controls are as follows:
– holding left mouse button pressed while moving the mouse orbits the camera,
– mousewheel controls the dolly.

3D model controls are as follows:
– by clicking on the wheel of the next-in-line section, the section will move to the side, starting with the farthest one.

Project Details

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