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These Terms of Use govern the use (including access) of the 3dwebvision.com by DEAN IKAČ ENTREPRENEUR WEB PORTALS 3D WEB VISION NOVI SAD, Puškinova 11, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, RB/MB: 65804085, PIB: 112004599 (hereinafter referred to as “3D WEB VISION” or “we”), and the contents available on the said page (“Website”). Anyone who accesses the Website (“you”) hereby accepts the Terms of Use in force at the time of your visit to the Website.

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If you choose or have been assigned a user ID, password or any other information within our security procedures, you must keep the information confidential and not disclose it to third parties. We have the right to disable at any time any user ID or password that you have selected or assigned to you if we determine that you have not fulfilled any of the provisions of these Terms of Use.

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3D WEB VISION’s liability for damage resulting from the use of this site – regardless of legal cause, including tort – is limited to damage caused intentionally or grossly by negligence.

3D WEB VISION strives to keep its web site clean of viruses, but is unable to guarantee their complete absence. Therefore, we recommend that you take all necessary virus protection measures (use of antivirus software to detect viruses).

The projects featured on this site are examples of projects available from 3D WEB VISION and may be distributed worldwide. 3D WEB VISION does not warrant that the projects shown are identical to those on the website even after delivery. 3D WEB VISION warrants that any project that is commissioned will be designed in accordance with the quality standard of 3D WEB VISION Company and the customer’s online terms only.

The 3D WEB VISION reserves the right to change these Terms of Use. Any changes to these Terms of Use will be appropriately and promptly communicated to users. Changes to these Terms of Use will take effect on the date of their publication on the 3dwebvision.com website.

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DEAN IKAČ ENTREPRENEUR WEB PORTALS 3D WEB VISION NOVI SAD, Puškinova 11, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, RB/MB: 65804085, PIB: 112004599 (hereinafter: “3D WEB VISION” or “we”) respects the privacy of visitors of its website, and makes its own statement on the privacy of the information on the website and thus the Privacy Policy. This Website Privacy Policy applies only to the functioning of the website owned by 3D WEB VISION, the one that provides a direct link to this Statement when you click on the “Privacy Policy” at the foot of the website.

The collection, storage and transfer of personal information is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, which regulate the protection of personal data, their transfer and the prevention of unauthorized access and use of personal information.

The website 3dwebvision.com uses the so-called cookies, so that the service can be provided free of charge to the user with full functionality and quality content. Cookies are a set of data generated by a web site’s server that a web browser saves to a user’s disk as a small text file.

A session cookie is placed on the user’s web site 3dwebvision.com only during the duration of his visit to this web site, thus enabling the user to use the web site more efficiently and automatically expire when he / she closes his / her browser. In addition, the 3dwebvision.com website monitors statistics traffic solely to obtain the necessary information about the attractiveness and performance of its pages (and therefore projects) in the marketplace, using a third-party service called Google Analytics.

A website user 3dwebvision.com can always self-regulate receive cookies through your web browser settings. The 3D WEB VISION excludes all liability for any loss of functionality and quality of the website content 3dwebvision.com in all cases of regulation selection receiving cookies from users.

Using the website 3dwebvision.com users are aware of and agree to these terms of use at all times, including the terms of processing and cookies.

3D WEB VISION is committed to respecting the anonymity and privacy of users of the website 3dwebvision.com.

You should be aware that this site is not intended for, or designed to attract, anyone under the age of 18.

The 3D WEB VISION may only collect user personal information, such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address, if the user voluntarily submits to 3D WEB VISION, and will use the specified information solely for the purpose of better understanding and understanding of the individual needs and requirements of the users, as well as developing opportunities to provide all their services with the highest quality to the satisfaction of the users. The 3D WEB VISION agrees not to make the information available to any third party without the express consent of the user.

At the request of the user, 3D WEB VISION may complete, correct, block or delete personal data relating to the user if the information is incomplete, inaccurate, up-to-date, or processed contrary to regulations. Upon receipt of a request from a user, we will notify all users of personal information to which we have provided the relevant information about such update, correction, blocking or deletion. At the request of the user, we will, at any time, temporarily or permanently suspend the collection, processing and use of the personal data of the user for the above purposes.

3D WEB VISION reserves the right to change the content of its website and will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from such changes.

These terms of the Privacy Policy on the 3D WEB VISION website may be refreshed from time to time. When updated for the benefit of the user, a refreshed version will be available on this site. We will notify you of the change to this Policy on this site 30 days before the new Privacy Policy becomes effective.

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