Planet Earth for Euro Green

Project Description

This kind of interactive 3D presentation is designed as 3D representation of a planet Earth. This way you can add “little extra” when it comes to building a business image. With this kind of demonstration on your page, you’ll be able to leave an unexpected positive impression on your website visitors, simply by surprising them by actually making them witness an interactive 3D model on your website. In this case it is a animated 3D model of planet Earth with fading effects designed to present our client’s name.

This kind of presentation is displaying 3D model of planet Earth with our client’s name appearing as fading effect between 2 states of model: “clean” with vivid colors and bright clouds, and “polluted” with dead-like environment and dark clouds. It also features interactive presentation of 3D model with automated spin and fading effect. You can spin the planet in direction and speed of your choosing using your mouse and/or finger on touchscreen devices. The spin will gradually slow down to default.

Project Details

Embedded in the website