Interactive 3D Presentation of Mobile Art Rack

Project Description

Interactive 3D Presentation of Mobile Art Rack is designed to illustrate part of our clint’s mobile equipment for museums, intended for paintings storage. Mobile Art Rack can hold a large number of paintings at the same time, with each image being stored securely and without damage. 3D Presentation of Mobile Art Rack consist of a main structure and ten storage frames with meshes. The 3D Presentation allows visitors to get familiar with key features of the product:

– a way to manipulate the frames within the rack for storage of paintings,
– insight into the usage of space, where it could be installed (used).

Camera controls are as follows:
– holding left mouse button pressed while moving the mouse orbits the camera,
– mousewheel controls the dolly.

3D model controls are as follows:
– by clicking on a segment of frame, it will be pulled out of, or pushed in the rack.

Project Details

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