Why do you need a website?

Business owners often wonder what is it that is so critical for the success of their businesses. One of the areas that are most commonly overlooked by far, to which not enough attention is paid, is the website. Statistics show that only 51% of the companies has its own website. Why is that so? Some state reasons like lack of time, others believe that it is too expensive, some think it is useless and that it does not bring positive effects on business. The reality is quite the opposite.

Below are the reasons that confirms the fact that website is needed, useful and necessary as part of your business strategy.


Introducing company's business image

The way you present your company on the website will have an impact on your business image. Your website is the first contact you have with the customer and the first impression he gets about you. The first impression is very important and often decisive. Therefore, your site should encourage the development of trust in you and your products/services, to build business credibility of the company and ensure coming back to your website and desired purchase.

Direct access to your brand

Your website is available to visitors 24/7 ie. continuously. So, they have constant access to your product/service (including the time when you are not working, either to inform or purchase online). It is necessary to provide potential buyers with all the necessary information about your brand, that you have developed over time and by which you have become known: a description of products and services, application value, hours of work invested in it, your location, opinions of loyal customers. All of the above are intended for a potential buyer to paint a clear picture of your product/service and opt for you.

Building business credibility

This reason for making the page could put this way – construction of quality which inspires confidence and which can be trusted. If you do not have your address on the Internet (website), it’s just like you do not have a company name on the building in which you operate, which may be the reason for customer’s doubt in your existence and your credibility. Online presence shows customers that they are important to you, that you are available to them, that you want to build your business credibility on the internet, a place where they are.

Evaluation of the company

Have you ever applied for a bank loan? We know that the procedure of applying for a loan is not simple, nor are loan approvals, but when you provide your website address to the bank teller, your rating automatically leaps. The reason – you are viewed as serious company, which cares about its reputation and whose perceived value is high.

Keep up with the competition

The longer you wait without a website, the more business you lose, because those who already have realized the value of the presence on the Internet (your competitors) will draw away your clients. Your competitors are also online. The Internet has become the new Yellow Pages. If your customers are looking for your product or service online, and you do not have a website, they will most certainly go to those that do. You lose not only current, but also potential customers. If you are a startup company, do not let that discourage you. You can keep up with competition by having well thought and designed website with an accompanying business strategy. You cannot beat ones with huge profits, but you can break the perception of insurmountable wall between you and them with such website.

To draw and keep the customers

If you have a website, your business information is available, customers are informed about all the reasons that will bind them to you, and for which they will make a decision to do business with you, because your customers expect exactly that from you – that you are online. According to Google survey, 97% of consumers are informed about the products and services via Internet, using either computers, or mobile phones. If potential customers cannot find you in the search results, you lose not only on sales, but also on awareness of your brand. In fact, without a website you are invisible to online shoppers. In addition to attracting new customers, your goal is the retention and conversion of these target groups into loyal customers. With the introduction of online purchasing, reservations and so on, you are getting closer to it. Ongoing information about sales, new products, special benefits through a newsletter, or broadcasting news on your website, means serving your customers in a way that is desirable to them, and profitable to you. Website lets you make a satisfied customer out of a potential one, and loyal customer out of satisfied one, which has a benefit of making a positive advertisement for you, a respectful image, sustainable brand and desired profits.

Marketing and cheaper advertising

Your website can serve as a “marketing machine” for your company. The bottom line is, well written and powerful marketing formula, slogan or news on the website in this business segment will attract your ideal clients and make them use your products or services. Newspapers, radio and television ads are very expensive, especially for small businesses. Website can be your advertisement, which is easily managed, regularly updated, and is financially affordable choice. Using the website, you have the opportunity to make your advertisement and sales reach to those regions which you haven’t even dream of reaching. Internet has no geographical limitation, nor any other, so your products / services are available to everyone, regardless of gender, race or religion. Your advertisement, is equally well heard by everyone (assuming that you are available in multiple languages). Such advertising allows you to expand your market share beyond local borders.

Do you have a website? Still not?

You are a click away from your presence on the Internet in the form of a website!