3D Presentations of products and services

What is a 3D presentation of products and services on the website

A 3D presentation of a product or service on a website is a three-dimensional representation of the product on the website. Three-dimensional display means that the observed product (or 3D representation of the service) is displayed in real time on the website in virtual space, which is defined by a series of integrated three-dimensional points and their parameters, in accordance with the real dimensions and shape of the product.

The 3D presentation on the website can be in the form of a 3D view of the product. It is intended for all manufacturers and/or sellers of a specific product, who want to present it to their customers in the most realistic and accurate way that current web technology provides. When we say “3D presentation of service”, we are talking about choosing the best example of an object, which will consistently depict the service that you want to display on the website in 3D.

A 3D presentation is a completely innovative and revolutionary display of products or services, especially when we talk about it as an integral part of a website. The reason for this lies in the fact that the 3D presentation of products offers website visitors the opportunity to see the product or service in a new, very detailed and complete way, viewing it from every angle, inside or outside. The 3D presentation also offers the opportunity for website visitors to get familiar with the way the product works before buying, because it, through 3D automated or interactive motions of the product shown on the website, accurately illustrates all its components, how they work, how they are interconnected, and offers a complete perception of real, a physical product in the virtual world.

What kinds of 3D Presentations are we offering

– types of 3D presentations –

The 3D presentation of a product or service on a website can be very simple, as is a static 3D display and it depicts the look of the product and its visual details.

Example of static 3D Presentation: Metal rack “SUPER 1/2/3”

More complex and attractive types of 3D presentation of products and services on the website are certainly more interesting and useful for both users and the owner of the website, because they are much more capable of presenting the product.

These types of 3D presentations include:

  • automated 3D presentations,
  • interactive 3D presentations.

Automated 3D presentation of a product/service in a virtual space means that the product (or selected object to display the service) is displayed so that all of its external and internal details are in accordance with the real dimensions of the product and are shown through automated camera movements. Automation of movements in the 3D presentation makes it easier for the user to get acquainted with all the details of the product and the way it works, and does not require any participation from the website visitor.

Example of automatized 3D Presentation of a product: Automated 3D Presentation of Z-lift

Example of automatized 3D Presentation of a service: Scales of justice

Since interactive 3D presentations contain 3D models with moving parts, they require the website visitor to actively participate in terms of using predetermined commands. Active participation allows website visitors to view 3D representations of products and their functionality way they see fit. Interactive 3D presentations require certain skills from website visitors, so they can fully utilize such presentation of products (services), and “play around” with it.

Example of interactive 3D Presentation of a product: Mobile archive rack “MOBIBASIC”

Example of interactive 3D Presentation of a service: Planet Earth for Euro Green

Automated and interactive 3D presentations of products (services) require integration into a website – places on websites where 3D presentations will be embedded.

Advantages of displaying a product/service as 3D Presentation in virtual world

– why choose 3D Presentation –

3D presentation of the product or service has a number of advantages over the current, common and widely accepted formats displaying products (services) on the website – pictures, slides, videos or panoramic view.

Advantages of using a 3D presentation of a product (service) on a website:

  • a display that combines all current aspects of product display in the website in a single way of presentation,
  • full display of all details of the product and its parts,
  • complete presentation of both the exterior and interior of the product in detail,
  • display of the material of the product and the possibility of changing it depending on the number of materials (colors) in which the product is given,
  • the product displayed on the website can be in accordance with the dimensions and proportions in the real world,
  • complete perception of how the product works in whole or in part,
  • complete perception of the shape of the product and its work in space,
  • possible interaction and mobility of parts,
  • possible viewing angle control,
  • supported by all popular web browsers,
  • supported by all devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers etc.).

Innovativeness of 3D presentation of products and services is certainly something that can be the main advantage of website owners over the competition, because it provides a new, far better and more functional form of product/service presentation for customers and, at the same time, brings more profit.

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